Comparison of ESGF v2 vs v4ΒΆ

In the following table, if no context given, items in the table in the v2 column are the command line flag to the esg-node script. Items in the v4 column are a playbook .yml file

Action or Location ESGF v2 (Bash scripts) ESGF v4 (Ansible)
CoG location NA (mod_wsgi in httpd) /etc/cog-wsgi-8889
SLCS NA (mod_wsgi in httpd) /etc/slcs-wsgi-8888
Tomcat control esg-node function
Solr index location /esg/solr-index /usr/local/solr-home
  • wget esg-bootstrap
  • ./esg-bootstrap
  • (No bootstrap)
  • git clone esgf-ansible
Configuration (auto-installation) esg-autoinstall.conf inventory file host variables files
Install latest ESGF version –install (–upgrade) install.yml
CSR –generate-esgf-csrs local_certs.yml
Certs / CA –update-temp-ca local_certs.yml
Stop –stop stop.yml
Start –start start.yml
Restart –restart stop.yml + start.yml
Status –status status.yml
Certificate Installation
  • –install-local-certs
  • –install-keypair
LetsEncrypt request NA install.yml (tryletsencript)
Shard Replicas –add-replica-shard shards.yml