ESGF 3.0 currently supports RHEL/CentOS 6


The installation is performed on the Node itself.

  1. Clone this repo using
git clone && cd esgf-installer
  1. Checkout the appropriate branch/tag. For example, the 3.0 beta version can be accessed with the following command:
git checkout tags/v3.0b1 -b 3.0_beta
  1. To avoid being prompted for various parameters, the should be populated with the proper values for your node. See the properties file documentation for information when populating.
  2. Install Miniconda and other ESGF dependencies from yum and pip by running the bootstrap script. If you are migrating to ESGF 3.0 from a previous version of ESGF, add the ‘migrate’ parameter:
./ [migrate]
  1. Activate the esgf-pub conda environment
source /usr/local/conda/bin/activate esgf-pub
  1. Run an installation by invoking the script. For example, a data-only node installation:
python --install --type data