ESGF Installer Issue Tracking Guidelines

We are going to begin to use Github Issues as a well to provide easier and better tracking of issues that occur during development of ESGF. Here are some general guidelines for reporting issues.


Github Issues has a label feature that can be used to categorize issues. The general guidelines for labeling an issue is to add a label that lists the version in which the issue was first discovered and a label listing the component in which the issue occurs/affects. It is possible than an issue affects more than one component, so please add labels for all associated components.

Closing Issues

Once an issue has been resolved in the codebase, the issue should be closed to avoid duplicated work. It is a best practice to add the issue number to the commit message when committing the solution code to the repository. For example, when committing code to solve issue #3 the commit message can look similar to this:

Added new awesome feature; fixes #3

That will cause the commit to be linked to the issue.

Alternatively, the short hash of the commit that fixed the issue can be added as a comment in order to link the solution with the problem statement.