These steps describe how to setup the control machine. SSH access to the managed machine(s) is the responsibility of the user.

  1. Clone the esgf-ansible repo at the current version, for example version 4.0.4

    git clone --branch 4.0.4 && cd esgf-ansible
  2. (Optional, but strongly recommended) Create a Python environment, using a tool like virtualenv or conda, and activate the environment.

  3. Install ansible.

    pip install "ansible<2.8"
  4. Check the ansible version is as installed above.

    ansible --version


ESGF-Ansible is completely separate from the legacy 2.x ESGF-Installer. The tools provided by ESGF-Installer are, in general, incompatible with ESGF-Ansible and should not be used in cooperation with ESGF-Ansible. The FAQ page describes how to upgrade a node from the legacy installer using ESGF-Ansible, after which point the legacy tools should no longer be used.