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esgpull is a modern ESGF data management tool, bundled with a custom asynchronous interface with the ESGF Search API. It handles scanning, downloading and updating datasets, files and queries from ESGF.

Feature highlight

  • Simple syntax for fast data exploration
  • Asynchronous download
  • Highly configurable

Search datasets

esgpull allows multiple ways for searching ESGF data, with facet and free-text terms together with options.

Query every CMIP6 dataset using facet syntax
esgpull search project:CMIP6
esgpull search

Narrow down the results with free-text term 'temperature'
esgpull search project:CMIP6 temperature
esgpull search

Find out which facets remain to be set with --facets
esgpull search project:CMIP6 temperature --facets
esgpull search

Get every potential facet value for the current query with --hints
esgpull search project:CMIP6 temperature --hints variable_id
esgpull search

Query all CMIP6 datasets with variable 'tas'
esgpull search project:CMIP6 variable_id:tas
esgpull search

Query CMIP6 datasets with variable 'tas' published since Jan 1st, 2023
esgpull search project:CMIP6 variable_id:tas --from 2023-01-01
esgpull search


Run $ pip install esgpull to install the latest release and its dependencies.

Have a look at the Installation page for more ways to install.


Jump directly to the Quickstart guide to get to know how to use esgpull.