Climate Model Metadata

ESGF Climate Model Metadata is a set of metadata fields that are used to describe and search data generated by Climate models, such as the CMIP5 and (future) CMIP6 international activities. Metadata fields are defined in the ESGF meta-schema cmip5.xml, which is not parsed for validation unless explicitely requested.

Mandatory DRS (Data Reference Syntax) Metadata Fields

  • model (string chosen from CV): the model that generated the data - Dataset only

    • Example: model = INM-CM4

  • experiment (string chosen from CV): the climate scenario - Dataset only

    • Example: experiment = 1pctCO2

  • product (string chosen from CV): the type of output - Dataset only

    • Example: product = output1

  • realm (string chosen from CV): the physical realm: atmosphere, land, ocean, ice - Dataset only

    • Example: realm = atmos

  • time_frequency (string chosen from CV): the time frequency for the simulated data: hourly, 3-hourly, daily, monthly, etc. - Dataset only

    • Example: time_frequency = day

  • tracking_id (UUID): unique identifier for a specific File, it’s the same for all replicas of that file

    • Example: tracking_id = bbf37d89-fd8a-4aa6-b42b-eb4adfe6504b

Optional Metadata Fields

  • ensemble (string) - Dataset only

    • Example: ensemble = r1i1p1

  • experiment_family (string, zero, one or more): class this experiment belongs to

    • Note: automatically inserted by Pull Publishing Services based on experiment value

    • Example: experiment family = Historical

  • cmor_table (string) - Dataset only

    • Example: cmor_table = Amon

  • dataset_id_template_ (string) - Dataset only

    • Example: dataset_id_template = cmip5.%(product)s.%(valid_institute)s.%(model)s.%(experiment)s.%(time_frequency)s.%(realm)s.%(cmor_table)s.%(ensemble)s

  • drs_id (string): - Dataset only

    • Example: drs_id =

  • forcing ((string, zero, one or more):): Dataset only

    • Example: forcing = Nat


  • cmip5_dataset.xml : example CMIP5 Dataset metadata record

  • cmip5_file.xml : example CMIP5 File metadata record