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Welcome to the [institution] ESGF-CoG Node

A paragraph describing the institution or purpose of the Node. For example…The [institution] mission is to observe, understand, and predict the Earth system through research that explores physical, chemical, and biological processes. [Institution] and its partner organizations bring together scientific and technical expertise to advance [institution] [capability].

What can I do on the [institution] data node?

Search Data

ESGF is a federated network of data nodes. You can search for holdings on this node or across all nodes.

Key projects on this node inlcude:

  • short_name: long_name

  • short_name: long_name

  • short_name: long_name

Click on the project to view their data holdings. Note in most cases you do not need to join the project in order to search and download their data. Projects that do require membership will say so explicitly.

Host a Project

This ESGF-CoG Node comes bundled with the Earth System CoG Collboration Environment , which can be used to host projects in the Earth Sciences.

CoG projects are connected into networks, contain tools for collaboration, and metadata to describe project organization.