Notification Header

Release 3.1 of CoG introduced the ability for organizations to create a customized notification header. These header allows for node-wide announcements above the project space (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Screenshot of a node showing the notification header.

The Defaults

The CoG distribution comes with a default header and footer that have been only partially customized. Action must be taken to override these defaults.

  • The default files are:

    • cog/templates/cog/common/cog_notification_custom.html

Overriding the Defaults

The default notification header can be overridden by placing a custom template with the same name under the root level directory /mytemplates/. Note that the /mytemplates directory is the equivilant to the /templates in the path below.

  • COG_CONFIG_DIR=/usr/local/cog by default

For example, to override the template /cog/templates/cog/common/cog_notification_custom.html, which comes with the distribution, create the a custom file:

  • /usr/local/cog/mytemplates/cog/common/cog_notification_custom.html

Edit the message inside the template to your needs, and make sure to chahne the HTML attribute “display:none” to “display:block” to make the header visible.